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Coffin Joe  _ Ze do Caixao by SilviodB
Coffin Joe _ Ze do Caixao
Zé do Caixão -

Coffin Joe is the English equivalent of Zé do Caixão. Marins created the character in 1963 for the film At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul.[3]The character went on to appear in many more films and as it gained popularity, the Coffin Joe persona appeared in television programs, songs, music videos and comic books.

Although rarely mentioned in the films, Coffin Joe's true name is Josefel Zanatas. Marins gives an explanation for the name in an interview for Portal Brasileiro de Cinema:[4]

"I was thinking a name: Josefel: "fel" ("gall") for being bitter — and also Zanatas as a last name, because backward reads Satanas".

—José Mojica Marins, Portal Brasileiro de Cinema

Coffin Joe wears a black suit, a cape and a top hat. His most notable features are his grotesquely long, curled fingernails. Marins grew his fingernails several inches long for the role, always wearing them in public in the style of the character.

Coffin Joe is an evil, amoral character who considers himself superior to others and exploits them to suit his purposes. He hates morality and superstition (which he includes religion as) to the point of obsession. His central belief is that (self) imposed superstitious beliefs tend to prevent individual development, inhibit positive social change. Those who do not accept his central belief are considered to be weak, lack power, and limited in their ability to rationalize objectively. Those who share with him similar beliefs are considered to have power and intelligence above the 'normal' person.

The primary theme of the character is his single-minded obsession with the "continuity of the blood"; he wants to sire the "superior" child from the "perfect woman." His idea of a "perfect woman" is not exactly physical but someone he regards intellectually superior to the Brazilian average, and in this quest he is willing to kill anyone who crosses his path.

Coffin Joe's weakness is his overconfidence in his primary belief. The overconfidence inhibits his ability to cope with forces that reveal themselves to exist, contrary to his beliefs.[original research?]

Marins states that the idea for the character came in a dream:[4]

"In a dream saw a figure dragging me to a cemetery. Soon he left me in front of a headstone, there were two dates of my birth and my death. People at home were very frightened, called a priest because they thought I was possessed. I woke up screaming, and at that time decided to do a movie unlike anything I had done. He was born at that moment the character would become a legend: Coffin Joe. The character began to take shape in my mind and in my life. The cemetery gave me the name, completed the costume of Joe the cover of voodoo and black hat, which was the symbol of a classic brand of cigarettes. He would be a mortician."

—José Mojica Marins, Portal Brasileiro de Cinema

Credits: Wikipedia (…

Olá pessoal!

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Silvio dB


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Silvio dB
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I'm a comic book artist from Brazil. I work with comic books and illustration since 2008. If you like my work, fell free to send me a note. :-)

List of previously published work: Legend Of Isis#7, #8 and #9 (Bluewater Production), Chronicles of The Laughing Moon (RPG book); Clockwork#1 (Gov't Comics); Out of our Mind; Meridien City (Alpha Girl Comics) ; Quest (Bad Cat); time of reflection (self published-eagle award winner); The VIP room (Alpha Girl Comics) ; destiny (snap Comics), Mascate (Draconian - Brazil), Tirânica (Self Published - Brazil) and outlaw territory V.3 (Image Comics).

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